Friday, 11 May 2007

News photo with my boys.

Herald Sun

Limelight review

more Borders

In Borders

The Courier mail Review

Magpie magazine review

How I made the images.

A. I built the characters and scenes in '3DStudioMax'.
B. Once built they are like puppets I can pose however I like,
C. I paint textures which are like wallpaper I wrap around my characters and scenes. C. is the texture of Tim's head unwrapped like a map of the world.
D. shows the models posed. here I have added some lights in the computer to simulate what I want in the final image.
E. then I repaint over the top of the model using the light and textures as a base. I use 'Painter' and 'Photoshop' for this part.

The cover art.

Hi all. Here is another blog, this time for my first picture book, Little Boys.